Available courses

This course is designed to improve the reading skills of students who have studied Korean at an advanced level. Throughout the course, students will find authentic Korean reading materials on the Internet and collect information about assigned bi-weekly topics related to Korean history, culture, and society. The course will offer strategies to improve students’ reading abilities in order to achieve higher proficiency in Korean. Students will learn how to gather information, and how to share information more effectively with others. To accomplish this, they will develop the ability to express themselves while thinking critically in the Korean language.

KOR 380 is a hybrid online course designed to elevate Korean language proficiency through Korean TV dramas. Through the contextually rich texts of the dramas, and through frequent discussions sessions, this course will also offer an opportunity to increase students’ awareness about Korean culture, a crucial element in advancing their proficiency. Adapting interactive multimedia programs and elaborate online instructional designs, including various modes of language learning (listening, listening, writing and reading), this course will assist and motivate students to obtain the two main objectives mentioned above: increasing Korean language proficiency and gaining valuable cultural awareness.